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Tasks &s objectives
  1. share concerns and best practices, with a view to maintaining, protecting and furthering favourable trading terms; improving market access, simplifying customs activities and trade facilitation, in the interests of the automotive supply industry; 
  2. drafting joint proposals, position papers and recommendations.
Recent Agenda Topics
  1. bilateral negotiations, EU Free Trade Agreements, India, MERCOSUR, Singapore, Malaysia;
  2. Russia WTO Accession;
  3. EU-Russia compensation mechanism for car-parts;
  4. Japan scoping exercise;
  5. EU-US Economic Trade Pact (ETP);
  6. supply chain security, change to Customs Code;
  1. reporting to DG Trade/ DG ENTR on specific market access priorities in 3rd countries, including tariff/ import duties; rules of origin; export restrictions/prohibitions; non-tariff barriers, technical barriers to trade (TBTs); customs procedures, taxation, environmental issues;
  2. raising, where appropriate, trade defence instruments (safeguards, anti-dumping, anti-subsudy and countervailing measures).


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Manager Trade and Legal Affairs
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