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The LAG is a service provider and contact partner for the CLEPA Board of Directors and the CLEPA membership as a whole, for legal questions relating to the automotive supply industry.

The LAG offers its members the opportunity for an intensive exchange of experience. Within its scope, the LAG considers: existing and future laws and administration regualtions; legal matters, in regard to their respective national legal systems.

Tasks &s objectives
  1. discussions on existing and future legal projects of the EU Institutions;
  2. advice to CLEPA Management Board;
  3. exchange of experience between suppliers, with particular reference to national legal systems;
  4. contact with national automotive associations;
  5. achieving legally-balanced Terms and Conditions.
Recent Agenda Topics
  1. Continuous communication of EU competition compliance CLEPA policy;
  2. common EU sales law;
  3. ISO TS 26262 Regulation;
  4. CARS21 Vertical agreement;
  5. Repair Maintenance Information (RMI);
  6. Conflict Minerals;
  1. UK Anti-Bribery Act;
  2. German Anti-Bribery Legislation;
  3. US Foreign Corrupt Practises Act (FCPA)
  4. guidance on main Joint Development Agreements;
  5. IMDS Terms of Use;
  6. Legal obligation to verify safety aspects.


Mr. David Radford

CLEPA Permanent

Ms. Eleri Wessman
Manager Trade and Legal Affairs
Phone: +32 2 743 91 23
Fax: +32 2 734 47 44

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