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SMEs and national associations

Tasks &s objectives
  1. The SME WG exerts influence on the decision-making process of the EU institutions for automotive specific topics and general matters in co-operation with other European Associations and Group of interest;
  2. strengthens the relationship between SMEs and OEMs & Corporate Members on issues concerning the supply chain;
  3. fosters participation in European projects and activities establishes and promotes an SMEs network.
Recent Agenda Topics

Lobbying European Institutions:

  1. Facilitating access to finance for SMEs (COSME 2014-2020)
  2. Improving access to market (Internationalization)
  3. Stimulating SME Research, Development & Innovation (Horizon 2020)
  4. Better regulation & reduced bureaucracy (to set up business and participate in EU projects)
  5. Strengthening dialogue with regional networksPromoting new skills for new jobs
  6. Relations with tier 1 & 2

Communication and Information:

  1. Dedicated section in the CLEPA website and newsletter for SME related issues
  2. CLEPA position on SME related topics
  3. Information on European Projects
  4. Annual Event on SMEs (focus on funding, B2B activities, internationalization)




CLEPA Permanents

Ms Amalia Di Stefano
Director European Affairs & Communications
Phone: +32 2 743 91 35

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