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The Aftermarket Policy WG is a group of aftermarket executives to discuss commercial business and legislative issues and

actions. It provides a forum for automotive executives to identify and address strategic issues, share best practices and create

practical tools for developing sound business practices in the aftermarket.

Tasks &s objectives
  1. Define common positions and actions on key aftermarket issues.
  2. Co-ordinate with other Working Groups, particularly between OE and aftermarket interests, including the CLEPA Legal Advisory Group and the Trade WG.
  3. Promote the need to understand and form opinions on future aftermarket legislations.
  4. Liaise together with other associations to defend aftermarket interests.
Recent Agenda Topics
  1. EUR 5/6 Regulation: The functioning in the market of access to repair information and unequivocal parts identification
  2. Block Exemption (MVBER), follow-up compliance in the market
    1. Intellectual Design/Tooling Rights
    2. Property Rights (IPR), brand protection
    3. Branding/De-branding of products
  1. Follow up on current legislative proposals(e-Call)
  2. Instigate new legislation (telematics)
  3. Remanufacturing

CLEPA also produces the CLEPA Aftermarket Newsflash to inform corporate management about the current important issues.

Aftermarket executives meet at the CLEPA Aftermarket Forum (CAF) three times a year and at a common business days with FIGIEFA twice a year. CLEPA participates in meetings of the German Associations VDA and VREI and we have regular information exchange with ACEA.

Every year in March the annual CLEPA Aftermarket Conference takes place in Brussels, with a networking event the evening before.

CLEPA Director:

Mr. Frank Schlehuber, CLEPA

Phone: +32 2 740 28 41

E-mail: f.schlehuber(@)

CLEPA Policy Officer:

Mr. Jan van der Werff, Policy Officer, Aftermarket & Trade Department

Phone: +32 2 743 9127

Fax: +32 2 732 00 55

E-mail: j.vanderwerff(at)

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